It is a true saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. Just imagine where we would be as Christians if men of old did not take writing seriously enough to carefully and fearfully pen the words of God and the history of God's people.

Our writers group is all about COLLABORATIVE WRITING where we will together produce Christian material of varying types and topics for all ages, these include books, tracts, newspaper/magazine/internet articles, songs, poetry, plays etc. Where appropriate we will publish our material in at least three formats; printed, electronic (e.g. e-books) and audio/video.

We encourage you and your friends to join us if:

• you are an established writer and could help to train others
• you are a novice and would like some help to develop your skills
• you would like to start writing but do not know how
• you want a reason to get into God's word by helping with research etc

We have a few projects presently working on so have a look and say if you would like to be a part of any or all of these. PLEASE, if you have any ideas of your own or any work you have started and is willing to have others collaborate on and co-author to complete it, or finished work you would like us to help you publish, let us know. Together we are stronger. Contact us if you wish to join our Writers Group.


We direct our writers to SelectArrow Publishing to publish their material. Read SelectArrow's publishing guide.
Use their COST CALCULATOR to get a very good idea of what the cost will be or contact us with information about what you want to publish.
Kindly note that they only publish Christian material.

Write for the SHARE Magazine:
Follow this link if you wish to specifically write for the SHARE magazine. Write for SHARE